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The Biohacking ORB Is the Wellness Pod of the Future



The Biohacking ORB is a touch-free way to experience up to seven evidence-based wellness treatments.


You may have heard of biohacking before. Generally, though, media coverage focuses on the movement’s fringes, those performing surgery on themselves or inserting unknown tech into their bodies. However, at its core, biohacking is about optimizing your life to make yourself happier and healthier.

Unsurprisingly, then, the Biohacking ORB is a wellness-focused pod designed to help you improve your body and mind.

What Is the Biohacking ORB?

The Biohacking ORB is described as a “customizable, innovative biohacking platform for touchless, self-administrated wellness experiences & treatments.” In effect, the ORB is a reclined seat inside a circular housing. The ORB is primarily designed for treatment facilities and spas but could also be used for an at-home experience.

As the device was designed post-COVID-19, there is no need for any treatment staff or third-party interaction. Instead, the user can control the ORB and select one of seven treatments within the companion iOS or Android app.

The company also states that Maimonides, a 12th-century philosopher influenced the design. This spiritual approach continues through the physical unit, as the ORB’s shape is based around the Mandala Chakra diagram. Not only that, but the image itself is embedded into the ceiling and filled with color-changing LEDs.

Biohacking ORB Features

biohacking orb in situ

As with most biohacking, the ORB is formed to optimize wellness treatments. So, in place of spending a few hours on therapy, a 45-minute treatment in the ORB should achieve the same effect, and the company states that each treatment is evidence-based.

The seven treatments each feature a handful of wellness modalities. It’s possible to opt for a 15-minute Quick Fix treatment, with selections up to 45 minutes as part of the Refresh & Recharge option. One of the primary modalities is Neuroacoustic sound therapy. This feature pulses out particular sounds at differing frequencies to encourage a specific brain response.

Then there’s Mandala chakra chromotherapy, which utilizes the ORB’s built-in LEDs to offer light-based therapy. Similarly, the Aromatherapy inhalation therapy releases a combination of fragrances to elicit a response. Finally, the Vibroacoustic therapy sends vibrations through the reclined seat.

Biohacking ORB Availability

Given that the Biohacking ORB was initially conceived after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, it has undergone a surprisingly fast development. The company expects shipments of the ORB to begin in February 2021.

As the unit is more likely suited towards professional spas and other commercial establishments, Biohacking hasn’t publicly noted the expected price of the ORB. Instead, if you’re interested in investing in your own wellness space, you need to head to the Biohacking ORB website and use the inquiry form.

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Google TV Could Soon Let You Turn Your Smart TV Into a Dumb One



A “Basic TV” mode could remove all of the smart features from your smart TV.

New Bravia TVs

Google TV might be meant for next-gen smart TVs and set-top boxes, but Google is also planning to include a “Basic TV” mode to cater to less tech-savvy folks who are not interested in smart TVs.

Leaked screenshots of a Google TV setup screen obtained by 9to5Google reveal that there will be a Basic TV option that will remove all smart TV functionality from the TV. This includes Google Assistant, Play Store access, the ability to run streaming apps, and even the ability to cast content to the big screen.

What Is Basic Mode in Google TV?

As the name indicates, the Basic TV mode in Google TV will turn your smart TV into a dumb one. This mode will provide you with an option to switch between HDMI inputs and Live TV provided an antenna is plugged directly into the TV. The option to set up your smart TV as a basic TV will show up during the setup process.

In basic mode, only the Ambient mode from Google TV will be available on your TV but without the option to view personalized photos.

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If Basic TV mode is enabled, the home screen and the Settings menu will show a constant option to enable the full Google TV experience. However, it will not be possible to switch from Google TV to Basic TV mode after the initial setup process without a full reset.

Google has confirmed that the Basic TV mode in Google TV is not a part of Android TV 12. What this means is that Basic TV mode won’t show up on your Android TV if and when it gets the Android TV 12 update or if you buy a new smart TV running Android TV 12 later this year.

Google says the Basic TV feature is ideal for someone who does not have steady internet access. It can also come in useful down the line as smart TVs will eventually slow down. In which case you can switch to basic TV mode and continue using your TV instead of buying a new one.

What Is Google TV?

Google TV is the successor to Android TV that will make its way to all upcoming smart TVs, Android set-top boxes, and more. Google TV is still built on Android TV but features a redesigned home screen and better integration with apps and streaming services.

Google TV first debuted on the new Chromecast with Google TV. Google later confirmed that it would bring Google TV to smart TVs and other devices as well. So far, Sony has announced new Bravia XR TVs running Google TV.

Google TV should also make its way to many existing smart TVs and set-top boxes running Android TV either later this year or in 2022.

Google TV and Android TV
What’s the Difference Between Android TV and Google TV?

Are Android TV and Google TV the same thing? Not quite. We explain the difference between these two Google systems.

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Telegram Will Now Auto-Delete Your Messages After a Set Time



Leave no traces of the messages you send and a few other exciting new features in Telegram.

Auto-delete messages in Telegram

Telegram has long allowed you to manually delete messages that you exchange via the app. However, with its latest update, Telegram now lets you delete all of your chat conversations automatically after a set duration of time.

Telegram’s New Auto-Delete Feature

Using this new feature, you can now have your sent and received messages automatically delete after a predefined time period has passed.

You get to specify when your messages should be deleted. The options you can choose from are 24 hours and seven days.

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The timer starts as soon as you send the message, and not when the message is read. Also, the auto-delete timer only deletes those messages that you send after enabling the timer. Existing messages are kept intact.

How to Use the Auto-Delete Feature in Telegram

Enabling auto-delete in Telegram is as easy as tapping a few options.

On Android, open Telegram, tap the three dots, select Clear History, and choose a duration to delete your messages.

On iOS, long tap a message, tap Select > Clear Chat, and then tap the Enable Auto-Delete option.

Telegram shows the amount of time that’s left before a message is deleted. You can access this by tapping a message on Android or long-tapping a message on iOS.

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In Telegram groups, only the admin of the group can use the auto-delete feature. Normal members of the group won’t see this option.

What Else Is New in Telegram?

The updated Telegram app brings with it a few other features as well…

Chat Widgets for Your Home Screen

Telegram now allows home screen widgets to let you quickly peek at your chat conversations. You can place these widgets anywhere on your phone, and read your chats in real-time.

If you use invite links to invite people to your Telegram groups, you can now assign an expiration date to your links. This way, if someone taps your link after its expiry, the link won’t let them join the group.

This comes in handy on those occasions when you only want to allow people to join your groups for a limited amount of time.

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If the expiry date doesn’t work for you, you can set the maximum number of uses for your invite links. After that, the links won’t let new people join your groups.

Add As Many Members to Your Groups As You Want

So far, Telegram has only allowed up to 200,000 people in a group. After the latest update, you can now have as many members in your groups as you want.

This comes with a catch, though. Your groups will need to convert into Broadcast Groups to have unlimited members. This means that only the admin will be able to post in these groups, as Broadcast Groups don’t allow the members of the group to post any content.

You’ll see the option to convert your group into a Broadcast Group when you’re close to hitting the maximum group members limit.

Automatically Delete Messages and Do More With Telegram

Telegram already had a lot to offer. With the introductions of these new features, you now have more reasons to move to this instant messaging app. There are some easy ways to migrate your data from other chat apps to Telegram, which makes the whole process much easier.

How to Move Your WhatsApp Chat History to Telegram

Telegram has made it much easier to transfer WhatsApp chats to the app. Here’s how to transfer individual and group chats…

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You Can Now Disable Clipboard Suggestions in Gboard



Stop Gboard from offering to paste the content you’ve copied to your clipboard.

Disable clipboard suggestions in Gboard

Gboard offers the option to quickly paste the content of your clipboard in your selected input field. In case you don’t use this feature, or you’re not a big fan of it, the latest Gboard beta lets you turn this clipboard suggestions feature off for good.

What’s Clipboard Suggestions in Gboard?

As mentioned above, Gboard displays a small panel at the top of your keyboard containing the items you’ve copied to your clipboard. You can tap this panel to fill the currently selected input field with your clipboard content.

What Does This New Change Mean for You?

The new change in Gboard brings the ability to turn this clipboard suggestions feature on and off. If you’re annoyed by the feature and you don’t want to use it anymore, you can turn the feature off.

If you ever want it back, you can head into Settings and turn the feature back on. It’s that simple.

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Currently, the option to disable clipboard suggestions is only available in the beta version of Gboard (version 10.3). Stable releases have yet to get this feature, but it wouldn’t be too long before you get this as a standard feature in the stable Gboard app.

How Can You Turn Clipboard Suggestions Off in Gboard

Gboard has kept it very simple for you to turn clipboard suggestions on and off. You simply need to tap an option and the feature will enable or disable.

If you’re using the beta version of Gboard, where the feature is currently available, head into Settings > System > Languages & input > Virtual keyboard > Gboard > Clipboard and disable the Show recently copied text and images in suggestions bar option. Clipboard suggestions should now be turned off for you.

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You can turn the option back on at any time to start getting clipboard suggestions.

What to Do if You Don’t Have the Clipboard Option?

If you don’t see the Clipboard option in Gboard settings, it means the feature hasn’t been rolled out to your app yet. Either wait for an update to the app or go ahead and grab the beta version that has the feature in it already.

Are There Any Other New Features in Gboard Beta 10.3?

There are no major new features in this version of the Gboard app. The only reason we can think of using Gboard beta 10.3 is if you want to get rid of clipboard suggestions on your Android device.

Get Rid of Annoying Clipboard Suggestions in Gboard

While it’s nice to have the option to quickly paste your clipboard’s content, it isn’t for everyone. Luckily, Gboard will soon let you disable this feature on your Android device.

Gboard is a pretty nice keyboard but it’s far from the only option you have. There are many other Android keyboards that you can use to enhance your typing on your phone.

4 Best Free and Open Source Android Keyboards

Looking for an open source keyboard for your Android device? These are the best options available.

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